Protocol boosts chemical transport security

The American Chemistry Council (ACC), in cooperation with the American Trucking Associations and National Tank Truck Carriers Inc, has announced a newly updated motor carrier protocol to help chemical companies evaluate security, safety, and regulatory compliance of motor carrier companies in the transportation of chemicals.

This carrier assessment protocol, which has been in use by chemical makers and motor carriers for nearly a decade, now includes information to enhance security of chemical industry customers and suppliers. New questions in the protocol address security countermeasures relating to motor carrier equipment, terminals, tank cleaning, delivery routes, employee training, and communication.

The updated protocol also will help ACC members and partners meet their obligations for enhanced security protection under the Responsible Care Security Code. Adopted in 2002 to enhance security against terrorist attack throughout the chemical industry value chain, the code emphasizes that security is a shared responsibility requiring actions by customers, suppliers, service providers and government agencies. Through the code, ACC makes enhanced security activities mandatory for its members, to help assure the public that all members are involved in making their neighbors and America more secure.

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