Proportional valves use VCD technology

The Parker Hannifin Corp Hydraulic Valve Division is providing the new Series D1FP and D1FP*S direct-operated proportional control valves.

D1FP features extremely high dynamics combined with maximum flow. It is used for high-accuracy positioning of a hydraulic axis and for controlling force and velocity. Driven by the patented new VCD actuator, D1FP reaches the frequency response of servovalves. Unlike solenoid-driven valves, it can also be used in applications with pressure drops up to 315 bar (4,500 psi) across the valve.

D1FP*S is a nominal size 04 (ISO 10372) valve that also uses the new VCD technology to provide extremely high dynamics combined with maximum flow. Parker VCD valve-drive technology actuates the spool by using a moveable coil over a permanent magnetic cylinder to eliminate friction.

For more information, contact Parker, 6035 Parkland Blvd, Cleveland OH 44124.

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