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Product prevents tires from leaking profits

Tire Lyna is a bright green gel, sparingly applied via measuring pump through the tire valve (core removed). It remains in for the life of the tire or until the tire needs to be removed from the rim. Advantages of this anti-leak product include:

  • Retains air pressure by evenly coating the inner wall and bead of tire with a thin gel film.

  • Retains air pressure over long periods of time.

  • Maintains consistency for the life of the tire and operates up to 360° F without change.

  • Moisturizes the rubber to maintain flexibility and reduce breakdown of belts.

  • Tire Lyna materials migrate into puncture, plugging it so tire retains full pressure until professionally repaired.

  • Anti-corrosion substances eliminate harmful effects of moisture.

  • Point of tire injury is easy to find as Tire Lyna's color is distinctive and concentrated at the injury.

  • Biodegradable Tire Lyna easily dissolves in water and washes out with the standard rinse.

  • Has inert and non-toxic compounds that maintain proper conditions and reduce changes in rubber compounds.

  • Decreases breakdown of casing and belts.

  • Operates from — 60° to +360°F without changing consistency or performance.

  • Proven to work with all manufacturer's tires without a negative effect, does not void warranties of tire manufacturers.

Tire Lyna is shipped in various container sizes, including 5-gallon pails that typically treat 18 semitrailer tires. The aircraft-aluminum pump fits onto the pail top and is marked in 1-ounce increments. Other sizes include a tote on a pallet. For complete details, contact Lyna Mfg Inc, 1125 W 15th St, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V7P 1M7.

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