PowerPack 3 delivers pure AC power

International Truck and Engine Corp has introduced the Diamond Logic PowerPack 3, a patented 3,000-watt AC power system that exceeds Underwriters Laboratories' standards and is a factory-installed option on medium-duty and severe-service vehicles. Benefits of PowerPack 3 include:

  • Controls costs — At about $1/kilowatt, PowerPack 3 displaces add-on generators that require routine maintenance, refueling, and oil.

  • Reduces wear

  • Reduces installation time — Factory installation eliminates the hassle of multiple portable generators. It also frees up cargo space in the truck since Diamond Logic PowerPack 3 is mounted on the truck body.

  • Uses — Heavy-duty mobile power for tools, lights, test equipment, compressors, onboard VCRs, refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs. Ample DC power always exists to start the vehicle since batteries always are at full load.

  • Security — System is surge-free and enclosed within the battery box, not intruding on cargo and compartment space and removing the need to haul generators.

  • Flexibility — PowerPack 3 offers variable types of power whenever needed without the hassle of set-up and delivers pure AC power that protects equipment.

For more details, access www.InternationalDelivers.com.

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