Pocketbook assists in hazmat compliance

J J Keller & Associates Inc has revised its Hazardous Materials Compliance Pocketbook, a tool that gives drivers access to current regulatory information for checking placards, labels, markings and shipping papers to verify compliance with hazardous materials regulations.

The revised pocketbook includes HM-215E requirements, which are intended to more fully align the Hazardous Materials Regulations with international air and sea transport requirements. Changes corresponding to the HM-215E requirements have also been made to the Hazardous Materials Table (Section 172.101).

Other additions include information on new requirements for shipping papers, addition of an air eligibility marking requirement, revision of the Self-Reactive Materials Table and Organic Peroxide Table, and revision of net weight restrictions for explosives in freight containers exceeding 20 feet (6 meters) in length.

The Pocketbook covers topics including identifying hazmat shipments, placarding, loading and unloading, and transport-specific class requirements. It also contains the §171.101 Hazardous Materials Table with a placard column to help identify DOT-required placards, plus the List of Hazardous Substances, the List of Marine Pollutants, and special provisions.

This handbook is updated monthly. A driver's receipt page is included to help document that drivers have been supplied with proper regulatory information.

The Pocketbook is available for $3.90 per copy (or less, depending on quantity) by phoning 800-327-6868. Callers should reference Action Code 1812 when ordering.

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