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Pigeon S pinpoints vehicles to within 30 feet

iNet-Blue Corp announces the TraXall Pigeon S, a small, self-contained Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) device that provides vehicle tracking accuracy to within about 30 feet via satellite throughout North America.

Only 1" high, the Pigeon S includes everything needed for five years of operation with no external power connections. Attach it to the top of any vehicle, and it is immediately ready to be tracked and located. The Pigeon S attaches easily to vehicles such as trailers, trucks, and construction equipment.

Using the Global Locating System (GLS) instead of the Global Positioning System (GPS), the Pigeon S overcomes many GPS limitations when used in tracking applications. Because GLS is a satellite-based system, initially developed under contract to the United States military, it has reporting capabilities superior to cellular-phone-based systems, the company says.

For complete details, contact iNet-Blue, 4084 Eleuthera Court, Boulder CO 80301.

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