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Peterbilt expands TruckCare online services

Taking advantage of Peterbilt's TruckCare aftermarket services is now easier than ever with new features added to, Peterbilt Motors Co announced.

Among the new features are:

  • Online registration for complimentary enrollment with TruckCare Customer Assistance. This service is available 24/7 by phoning 800-4-PETERBILT for roadside assistance and other services, such as finding the nearest Peterbilt dealership. By registering in advance — either using the web site form or calling — calls can be handled faster and more efficiently when assistance is needed.

  • A quote request form for TruckCare preventive maintenance (PM).

  • Downloadable and viewable TruckCare literature.

  • Expanded information on all TruckCare Services, including detailed PM plan features.

  • An application for the TruckCare Plus Card and TruckCare Plus MasterCard.

  • Password-protected access to the TruckCare Maintenance Manager, a maintenance tracking and analysis tool free to all customers with a TruckCare Preventive Maintenance plan.

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