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Peterbilt 335 available with Eaton Ultrashift

Helping improve driver productivity and reduce maintenance requirements, the two-pedal automated Eaton UltraShift transmission is available for Peterbilt's Model 335, which was introduced in March.

The six-speed UltraShift operates with the driver using only an accelerator, brake, and dash-mounted controls to initially engage forward or reverse. Gears can be shifted manually using the control pad in the dash.

The transmission is available for the Model 335 in two torque capacities — 660 lb/ft and 860 lb/ft. Both are available with the Cummins ISC and Caterpillar C7 engines.

The UltraShift uses a “wet clutch” design that provides an automotive, “urge-to-move” feel commonly associated with automatic transmissions using torque converters. This further enhances the operator experience and improves vehicle responsiveness. The system can increase fuel economy versus a manual transmission by using computer-controlled shifts.

According to Eaton, the six-speed UltraShift can lower lifecycle costs by requiring fewer lube changes and other routine servicing. The UltraShift comes factory filled with synthetic lubricant for longer service cycles — three years or 150,000 miles — and enhanced component protection.

The Caterpillar C15 engine rated at 600 and 625 horsepower is available for order with Peterbilt's Model 379 and Model 379X. Peterbilt began manufacturing trucks with the C15 at these ratings in September, making the company the first OEM to produce units with this configuration.

Wide Ride seats by Bostrom Seating are available for all heavy-duty Peterbilt conventional trucks and tractors. The new air-suspension seats are approximately two inches wider and longer for a more spacious seating area. For added comfort, the seats feature a two air-chamber lumbar-support system and back cushions that are three inches wider.

Both driver- and passenger-side seats are available in leather or fabric and in a high-back version or a mid-back version with headrest. The new seats are available with optional arm rests and integral heaters. Bostrom Wide Ride seats are available for Peterbilt Models 379X, 379, 387, 385, 378 and 357.

Drivetrain combinations of Allison automatic transmissions and all heavy-duty Cummins and Caterpillar engines are available for Peterbilt Models 379, 385, 378, and 357.

Allison automatic transmissions are available with the following configurations:

  • Cummins ISX rated up to 435 horsepower / 1450 feet-pounds of torque (Model 357-119" BBC)

  • Cummins ISM rated up to 385 hp / 1450 lb-ft (Model 379 / Model 385 / Model 378 / Model 357)

  • Cummins ISL rated up to 350 hp / 1250 lb-ft (Model 357-111")

  • Cat C15 rated up to 475 hp / 1650 feet-pounds of torque (Model 379-127"/ Model 379-119" / Model 385-120" / Model 378-119" / Model 357-119")

  • Cat C13 rated up to 430 hp and 1550 lb-ft (Model 379-127" / Model 379-119" / Model 385 / Model 378 / Model 357)

  • Cat C11 rated up to 370 hp and 1350 lb-ft (Model 379-127" / Model 379-119" / Model 385-112" / Model 378 / Model 357)

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