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PeopleNet delivers product enhancements

PeopleNet is debuting three new major product enhancements: decision tree forms, bar-code scanning capability, and the geofencing and automated messaging platform called PACOS.

Decision tree forms take messaging to a new level using the company's new g3 onboard platform. They will allow companies to simplify complex driver-to-dispatcher interaction through branches and loops within a form message.

PeopleNet's bar-code scanner can be plugged into the g3 on-board computer using the USB port. The offering will include a tethered in-cab option and an untethered option using Bluetooth technology to provide fleets with portable capabilities.

The geofencing and automated messaging platform, PACOS 2.6, extends the PACOS platform that allows fleets to build geofences and trigger automated arrival and departure alerts. PACOS 2.6 will provide onboard trip management for drivers, the ability to sequence stops across a trip, and late-time alarms for detention time situations.

All three features will automatically update existing g3 PeopleNet platforms using the company's proprietary Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP) feature early in 2006.

For more details, contact PeopleNet, Minneapolis MN.

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