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PeopleNet adds two new onboard features

PeopleNet has developed two new features that will be delivered to customers wirelessly through over-the-air programming and the company's web-based interface.

Detention Time Standards Reporting builds on the PeopleNet Activity Standards platform and allows accurate measurement and easy reporting of detention times. Onboard Event Recording gives fleets second-by-second recorded data to help reconstruct accidents and review driver performance.

Detention Time Reporting provides fleets with the information to reduce waiting time, improve driver productivity, and enforce accessorial fees. This real-time tool calculates average detention times across customer locations and allows users to produce reports that can be used to assess applicable detention fees back to customers.

With Onboard Event Recording, fleets determine what events are recorded and how they are recorded. Then they can be transferred in real-time, delivering details such as time of event, odometer at time of event, vehicle speed, engine speed (rpm), GPS location, and direction.

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