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Penske Will Install CWS Throughout Tractor Fleet

Penske Logistics is now installing collision warning systems (CWS) as standard equipment in its tractor fleet. This fleet-wide installation follows a successful pilot program that evaluated the Eaton VORAD EVT-300 CWS on tractors Penske operates for Whirlpool Corp.

Penske also plans to retrofit the EVT-300 on many of the tractors in its existing fleet by the end of 2001.

The EVT-300 alerts drivers to potentially dangerous situations. A high-frequency radar system transmits radar signals from the front-end and side of the truck, monitoring up to 20 vehicles ahead and in the blind-spot area on the right side. When a potentially hazardous situation is detected, a display unit on the dashboard emits a series of visual and audible alerts, warning the driver and providing sufficient time for the driver to react before an accident can occur.

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