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PEI to publish overfill testing document

The Petroleum Equipment Institute intends to publish a Recommended Practice covering the testing of overfill, release detection, and release prevention equipment (RP1200).

This document will include tank and piping interstitial integrity testing, spill bucket integrity testing, as well as testing of sump, dispenser pans, and overfill equipment, ATG Inspection, and testing of mechanical leak detectors. The RP document, written by a PEI committee including industry experts and regulators, is scheduled for publication in late 2011.

Members of the committee assigned to write the document include Ed Kubinsky, Crompco LLC; Scott Boorse, Wawa Inc; Danny Brevard, Accent Environmental Services; Jim Brown, Belshire Environmental Services; Brian Derge, Tanknology; Lorri Grainawi; Steel Tank Institute; Brian Harmon, Tait Environmental Services Inc; Kevin Henderson, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality; Jim Howard, Hess Corporation; Ron Kingsbury, UST Services Corp; Paul Miller, US Environmental Protection Agency; and Steve Purpora, Purpora Engineering; GEA Inc. Kubinsky will serve as committee chairman.

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