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Packaging Concepts delivers container liners

High-strength UNSA polypropylene woven container liners in various packing configurations are now available for prompt delivery from Packaging Concepts.

Lightweight and easy to use, the woven liners can be installed in 10 minutes or less. They quickly convert any standard ISO container into a bulk transport system. The liners are a cost-effective way to protect dry flowable materials such as granules and powders from contamination.

The liners help reduce packing and handling time by accommodating the full range of loading and discharge systems, including top-hatch loading with filling spouts, conveyor loading through doors, and discharging through spouts and letterboxes. Besides reducing packing waste, the fabric liners improve loading percentage while optimizing protection of bulk materials.

To learn more, phone Packaging Concepts at 800-284-8312 or 757-552-0507.

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