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Oshkosh wins UK tanker program bidding

Oshkosh Truck Corp has been selected as the preferred bidder by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense (MoD) to supply approximately 350 wheeled tankers. The company will enter into formal contract negotiations with the MoD to complete contract details. Negotiations are expected to conclude during the first half of 2003. The anticipated order value is about $250 million (£160 million) for initial vehicle acquisition and maintenance and support over the next 15 years.

Oshkosh's proposal was based on its medium-truck platform to meet the MoD's performance requirements for 15,000-liter tactical aircraft refuelers, 20,000-liter close support tankers, and 18,000-liter close support tankers for water. The new fleet will expand the MoD's on- and off-road supply capabilities, improving supply of fuel and water to the field.

The other competitor for this program was a team led by Marshall Specialist Vehicles Ltd.

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