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Orion Plus IR Detector even more versatile

MSA's Orion Plus IR Detector, a compact hand-held multigas monitor, has been improved for even more versatility. With more than 20 different sensors to choose from, customizable systems can meet various needs. The sensor range includes chemical, catalytic, and infrared (IR) types, with some designed for use in sensitive or harsh environments.

With its patented IR sensor range, the Orion Plus can detect combustible gases in atmospheric as well as inert applications. An extended sensor range, including ammonia, chlorine, and phosphine, offers increased flexibility. The Orion Plus detector is designed to function as a personal monitor as well as a pre-entry check device.

Featuring simple operation, the durable Orion Plus Monitor fits comfortably in one's hand. The large graphic display shows all gas readings at one glance. A bright, backlit display with large font sizes enhances readability. Clear text alarm messages, bright LEDs, and a loud alarm serve as additional alerts. The Orion Plus detector has interchangeable alkaline or NiMH battery modules for extended shifts.

The electrical “Perma-Check” function continuously controls the built-in pump. Both pump and sensors are protected by a fine-tuned multi-filter system.

For more information, request literature 0816-62 by phoning 800-MSA-2222. To learn about MSA's other products, visit

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