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OptiTrac 3.0 Introduced

Nexterna has announced availability of OptiTrac 3.0, an enhanced version of its location tracking system. This latest version of software is designed to facilitate mobile resource dispatch by displaying maps that pinpoint real-time location of individual field vehicles or entire fleets with detail down to the street address or crossroad. With OptiTrac 3.0, a dispatcher can specify an address, and the software will display a map indicating the service vehicles nearest that location.

OptiTrac 3.0 integrates Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems technologies with wireless data communication technology to track and monitor service vehicles. GPS data is captured by on-board sensors and transmitted wirelessly to Nexterna's operations center. Nexterna offers access to the information, which is stored in a secured database, by authorized customers on any computer running the OptiTrac Resource Manager and connected to the Internet.

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