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Oil analysis program suits different needs

ConocoPhillips Co announces the AnalysisPlus oil analysis program, which launched March 1, 2004. This new line of oil analysis testing offers Conoco, Phillips 66, and 76 Lubricants customers multiple options designed to suit different oil analysis needs. It is administered in conjunction with Dingo, a developer of maintenance software programs.

AnalysisPlus offers customers two options to best fit their needs. Option one is the basic option, offering customers results from a single source lab with paper reporting only. Within option one, the customer selects the testing package for a single price. For more advanced needs, option two of Analysis Plus serves as the premium oil analysis option, with its variety of customizable elements and Internet software. Analysis, a web-based condition monitoring system software powered by Dingo's MaintenanceGuy, is ideal for the customer requiring a more advanced oil analysis system.

This program's web-based condition monitoring system software allows users to capture customized variables like hours of operation, miles of service, and other equipment data that can enhance the value of standard oil analysis data. It also creates a secure central database that houses equipment condition histories and generates intuitive graphs to help visually identify at-risk equipment and make cost-effective maintenance decisions. An e-mail system alerts users when oil analysis data varies from accepted norms.

The interactive web-based software can combine equipment from different sites into one database so authorized users can compare and benchmark equipment throughout the company or the world. This means users can collaborate with other maintenance experts from other company sites via the Internet to help diagnose problems faster.

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