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OIG to begin CDL revenue audit

An audit of commercial driver license (CDL) revenue, its amount and the way it is derived, is beginning by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Department of Transportation.

The audit’s specific objectives are to determine the cost of the program's operation and to compare the total expenses to revenue received. In addition, the audit will determine how revenues and fees should be addressed under the new modernization plan. The audit work for these objectives will not require access to or collection of any personally identifiable information that the records contain.

OIG said August 31 that the audit is mandated by Congressional action, will being immediately, and will cover 10-million records used by each state department of motor vehicles to track CDL holders. Part of the audit will include:

•Data validity in the information system on a state-by-state basis.

•Extent to which convictions are validly posted on a driver’s record.

•Recommendations to the Transportation Secretary on how to update the baseline audit annually to ensure that any shortcomings in the information system are addressed, and a methodology for conducting the update.

•Identification, on a state-by-state basis, of any actions that the OIG finds necessary to improve the integrity of data collected by the system and to ensure the proper posting of convictions.

•Analysis of amounts and use of the revenues derived from fees charged for use of the CDL information system.

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