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NTTC Offers Tips on HazMat Compliance

According to the National Tank Truck Carriers Inc (NTTC), when taking delivery of a newly manufactured cargo tank, there is no need to apply the test and inspection markings required by 49 CFR Part 180 (ie, the "V, I, P, K, L, T" decals or stickers). Department of Transportation (DOT) rules permit a one-year period to expire between date of manufacture and the first series of tests and inspections for that unit. The period begins from the date of manufacture stamped on the tank's specification plate.

However, the NTTC says a variation exists regarding most "new" gasoline trailers. Most operators of gasoline loading facilities generally will require evidence that the so-called "EPA Method 27" test has been performed on all units (entering that facility) regardless of age or date of manufacture. Most Method 27 testing is done locally. Therefore, the NTTC recommends assuring that this test has been performed before placing a new gasoline trailer in service, and properly informing operators of all racks that might be loaded at those sites.

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