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Norfolk Southern opens bulk transfer facility

Norfolk Southern Railway Co has opened a new Thoroughbred Bulk Transfer (TBT) terminal operation in Chicago IL. Located at 1702 E 103rd St, the terminal has access to Interstates 90 and 94.

TBT facilities handle transfer of bulk products such as plastic pellets and liquid sweeteners, from one mode of transportation to another. Bulk transfer permits off-rail shippers and receivers of varied commodities to combine rail's long-haul efficiencies with truck's door-to-door delivery.

Bulkmatic Transport Co, which runs 14 other TBT facilities across the Norfolk Southern system, was selected to operate the Chicago facility. This facility has 60 car spots with room to expand and can handle both dry and liquid bulk products. It is paved and includes security, fencing, lighting, 24-hour access, and truck scale. All TBT terminals are open facilities that allow access by qualified motor carriers.

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