No ID info leads hazmat violation list

Failure to properly communicate what hazardous material is within the package is the most common violation shippers and carriers make when transporting hazardous materials, according to information from Thomson Delmar Learning, Clifton Park NY.

Delmar said hazmat training is the best way to avoid the violation pitfalls.

Here are some of the top hazmat violations reported by the Department of Transportation:

•Failing to enter the proper description of the hazardous material;
•Failing to make or sign a shippers certification on the shipping paper;
•Failing to properly label the hazardous material container or package;
•Offering hazmat in an unauthorized package;
•Failing to mark the overpack with the shipping name, etc when required;
•Failing to enter the basic description of the hazmat in the proper sequence;
•Failing to mark a non-bulk package of hazmat with the shipping name and/or identification number;
•Failing to list the emergency response number for an individual who assumes responsibility for said function;
•Failing to properly mark the hazmat as required;
•Labels not clearly visible or the labels are obscured;
•Failing to enter the technical name in association with the proper shipping description;
•Failing to mark the package with orientation arrows as required;

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