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New User Fees Proposed for Hazmat Transport

In the fiscal year 2002 budget, the Bush Administration has proposed to assess $12 million in new user fees for hazardous materials transporters. This means higher hazmat transport registration fees, but the exact amount of increase has not been disclosed yet. Higher registration fees are almost certain to be opposed by members of the hazmat transport community. Executives at the Petroleum Marketers Association of America say their organization is strongly opposed to to any increase.

The budget would be partially funded from user fees in FY2002 and fully funded by user fees in FY2003. Department of Transportation’s proposal to reduce the hazmat registration fees will be withdrawn, and the fees will remain the same for the 2001-2002 registration year.

DOT, through the Research and Special Programs Administration, proposed the fee reduction because it collected $21 million in 2000 and was only authorized to spend $14.3 million. The money is used to provide hazmat training to commercial vehicle inspectors and emergency responders.

Currently, the registration fee is $300 for small companies and $2,000 for larger companies. The fee is due in July from all transporters of hazardous materials.

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