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New NTTC wash rack security guidelines posted

Wash rack security guidelines were issued by a working group that was convened during the NTTC Tank Cleaning Council meeting March 24 and 25 in Orlando, Florida. The guidelines follow:

  1. Control wash rack and facility security.

    • Establish visitor procedures for everyone, including drivers and vendors.
    • Establish visitor sign-in and visitor badge/pass policy.
    • Establish a vehicle parking area and parking tags.
  2. Conduct a daily chemical and hazardous waste inventory.

  3. Establish procedures, including driver identification, for releasing equipment after cleaning.

  4. Perform daily trailer inventory checks at the wash rack.

  5. Train all employees, including front office personnel, on security and notification procedures.

    • Company officials to notify.
    • Public agencies that must be contacted.
  6. Designate personnel in charge of security.

    • Facility manager.
    • Shift supervisor.
  7. Develop facility monitoring procedures.

    • During operating hours.
    • When facility is closed.
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