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New Master Driver series programs

J J Keller &. Associates Inc has added six new training programs to its Master Driver series, bringing the series total to 12 programs. The six new programs, designed to motivate drivers to improve their skills in routine and emergency situations, are:

  • Accident Procedure examines procedures to follow after a crash, including placement of warning devices, driver responsibilities, reporting procedures, and what to say or not to say at the scene.

  • Air Brakes discusses different types of air brakes and how they work, as well as their proper use.

  • Coupling & Uncoupling provides step-by-step procedures for safe coupling and uncoupling.

  • Emergency Maneuvers discusses hazard perception and prevention techniques, escape routes, emergency braking, basic skid control and recovery, and minimizing damage when a collision is unavoidable.

  • Fixed-Object Collisions covers the causes and prevention of fixed-object collisions, as well as overhead obstructions and collisions that can occur during cornering and backing. It also covers run-off road crashes.

  • Safety Issues shows drivers how to recognize and deal with distracted drivers and road rage situations, and not become distracted or hostile drivers themselves. It also explains how to recognize and handle security threats to themselves and their loads.

Videos are available for $119 each (VHS format) or $135 each (DVD format) by phoning 800-327-6868. Callers should reference Action Code 02078 when ordering.

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