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New Filters Bypass Need for Oil Changes

New puraDYN by-pass oil filters allow engines to operate for hundreds of thousands of miles without a traditional oil change.

As with puraDYN's previous system, the new generation of filters clean, reduce, and maintain oil contaminants down to 0.25 micron. By continually removing contaminants and replacing additives through its patented time-release additive package, puraDYN's filters extend intervals between oil changes. For its new filters, puraDYN has implemented patented technology that provides several improvements including:

  • CGP (Chemical Grafting Process): This new technology improves the attraction and retention of soot and other solid contaminants to the packed cotton filter material.

  • Increased oil distribution within the filter: New product engineering distributes oil more evenly throughout the main filter element. This reduces the effect of channeling.

  • Ease of maintenance: The filter element of the new filter can be replaced in seconds.

Filter elements for the new puraDYN filters have been designed so they can be used with all previous puraDYN units. For full information, contact puraDYN Filter Technologies Inc, 3020 High Ridge Rd, Suite 100, Boynton Beach FL 33426.

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