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NDA has long-life synthetic engine oil

Nissan Diesel America (NDA) has introduced a new synthetic engine oil for use in its 2006 model year UD Trucks. UDXtra Genuine Engine Oil will allow new UD Truck owners to double the recommended oil and filter change intervals This product will keep MD175 and MD230 engines running efficiently for years, with service intervals that are twice as long as with conventional engine oil.

On-highway vehicle oil change intervals for 2006 model year UD1300, UD1400, and UD1800CS jump from every two months or 6,000 miles to six months or 12,000 miles. The UD1800HD, UD2000, UD2300DP/DH, UD2600, and UD3300 move from every two months or 10,000 miles to six months or 20,000 miles.

For more details, contact NDA, Irving TX.

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