NBB adds biodiesel hotline

THE GREAT American Trucking Show was the launching pad for a new toll-free number to help truckers find retail availability of biodiesel anywhere in the United States. Truckers can now find biodiesel anytime, anywhere with 866-BIODIESEL (866-246-3437).

Radio legend Bill Mack and trucker Michael Frybarger spoke about the convenience of the new hotline to truckers looking for biodiesel.

“Truckers are committed to using biodiesel and we get a lot of calls from truckers looking for biodiesel on the road,” said Mack, The Satellite Cowboy on XM Radio. “We have been referring them to BioTrucker.com, but now we can give them a more convenient way to find biodiesel.”

Frybarger, an independent trucker from Maryland, added: “I use biodiesel as often as possible in my Volvo 770. This new telephone number will help me find truck stops that carry biodiesel no matter where I'm driving across the country.”

The Biodiesel Hotline is staffed 24 hours 7 days a week. The staff has access to mapping software linked to a database that is populated and kept up to date with retail outlets carrying biodiesel. Information including truck accessibility and blend percentage of biodiesel to petro-diesel is available from the database.

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