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Mechanic's creeper rolls where others wouldn't dare

This new mechanic's creeper is named the Bone Rough Rider, because it's designed to go outdoors and off pavement.

The one-piece molded body has specially designed 5"-diameter wheels and still cradles the user close to the ground. Wide, high-flotation tires don't sink in soft surfaces, and wheels roll easily on gravel, dirt, or broken pavement. Each wheel has a heavy-gauge steel frame with 2½" roller swivel bearings.

Molded of an engineering-grade co-polymer, the ribbed body resists common solvents and support heavier users, and cleaning consists of a casual wipe. The comfortable one-piece design has no cracks, corners, or other pinch points, and outboard wheel pods prevent tipping and flipping.

The Bone Rough Rider is 47" long, 25½" wide, has about 2" ground clearance and weighs 25 pounds. Wheels are warranted for the life of the creeper, and the body carries a limited one-year warranty.

For further information, contact Pegasus Products Co, 315 Gougler Ave, Kent OH 44240.

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