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Manual supplies truck driver instruction

J J Keller & Associates Inc's new Tractor-Trailer Driver Training Manual provides truck-driving schools with a step-by-step instruction program for drivers in training.

This 600-page manual covers the basics of safe driving techniques and provide up-to-date regulatory and safety information on topics including hours of service requirements, vehicle inspections, backing, coupling and uncoupling, speed and space management, extreme driving conditions, emergency maneuvers, and handling cargo. The manual also includes chapter summaries and quizzes, as well as tables, charts, checklists, definitions, and diagrams to reinforce key points.

Three support products are also provided: an instructor's guide, a PowerPoint program, and transparency masters.

This manual is available for as low as $19.95, depending on quantity ordered. The instructor's guide is free with the purchase of 30 or more manuals ($99 if purchased separately). The PowerPoint Program is $199, and the transparency masters set is $99. These products can by ordered by phoning 800-327-6868 or visiting Callers should reference Action Code 1951 when ordering.

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