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Manual serves role of safety consultant

J J Keller & Associates Inc's Transport Safety Pro manual provides quick access to critical operational information that new and veteran transportation safety professionals need to meet their program objectives.

This 940-page reference manual provides a step-by-step safety compliance program that includes in-depth how-to-comply information for Department of Transportation regulations as well as management initiatives that can help organizations maintain compliance.

The manual includes strategies for reducing accidents, cargo claims, and lost-time injuries; training information for topics like hours of service, vehicle inspections, and defensive driving; driver recruiting techniques; how-to guidance for developing an employee recognition program; case studies of successful safety programs and safety management best practices; and reference materials, sample forms, and checklists.

Order Keller's manual for $165 by phoning 800-327-6868. Callers should reference Action Code 1781 when ordering.

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