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Manhole can be controlled at ground level

Knappco has added its new Safe Loading System SLS-1000 auto-opening manhole cover to its product line. Engineered for the safe loading and unloading of dry bulk materials, the SLS-1000 can be controlled at ground level, eliminating the need for an operator to climb on top of the tank at every loading site.

A pneumatic control can be activated from the ground. It includes an open/closed indicator that guarantees no-fail operation even in harsh climates after years of use with dusty materials like cement, limestone, and sand. The SLS-1000 is designed with a long-lasting inflatable gasket to ensure the cover has a positive seal at all times. The new manhole is retrofittable, eliminating conversion labor by installing without any welding on LM, BL, or MM weld rings. The overall height of the trailer will not change when the SLS-1000 is added.

Constructed of aluminum, the SLS-1000 requires a minimum of 100 psi regulated air, 12-volt DC power fused at 2 amps, and the installation of a LM, BL, or MM manhole ring.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

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