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Magnum Cable Seal made even more secure

TydenBrammall has added non-preformed cable (NPC) as a standard feature on its Magnum Cable Seal to provide immediate visual evidence of tampering. Combined with its drill-resistam lock body, galvanized steel cable, and optional reflective security tape, the Magnum comes standard in a 14" (36-centimeter) length and 1/4" (6-mm) diameter. The firm also offers other cable lengths to fit various applications.

TydenBrammall has standardized all its single-use barrier-style cable security seals on NPC cable. The enhanced security feature of the cable originates in production, when the tightness of the spring steel cable's spiral shape is relaxed during annealing and the ends are spot-welded secure. This ensures that the wire frays wildly when cut, making it nearly impossible to reuse the cable and providing indication of unauthorized entry. After the cable is secured in the lock body, the extending piece is cut and the end is left frayed. In this position, even if the cable is tampered with and removed from the lock body, it is virtually impossible to reinsert it.

Addition of reflective tape to the Magnum Cable Seal makes it easier for asset security teams to confirm the presence and condition of the seals. Security personnel can scan a cargo container with a flashlight and see if the container remains secure.

To enhance shipment tracking capabilities, the Magnum Cable Seal comes with a serialized, drill-resistant lock body designed with a significantly larger marking area that can be bar-coded and/or color-coded. Standard cold stamping of up to six characters and numbering of six digits can also be achieved.

For more details, contact TydenBrammall, 409 Hoosier Dr, Angola IN 46703.

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