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Magnetic mount probe, holster enhance flexibility of Grease Caddy

A magnetic mount probe and a holster have been added to the Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy, providing additional flexibility to lubrication monitoring. Inspectors now have the option of mounting the Grease Caddy directly on a grease gun or putting it in a holster and wearing it on their belt while noting changes in ultrasound levels as they lubricate bearings. A magnetic mount with a strong pull enables users to place the probe on practically any type of bearing housing.

The probe's sensing element detects ultrasound and filters out low-frequency signals, allowing users to hear bearing sounds while applying lubricant. While listening through headphones and observing a meter, inspectors will know when enough lubricant has been added, preventing overlubrication.

An advantage of ultrasound detection is that ultrasound is a short wave “localized” signal. This allows users to identify bearing lubrication condition with little to no interference from surrounding noises.

Four features enhance inspection:

  • The magnetically mounted transducer provides ease of sensor placement.

  • The Grease Caddy may be worn in a holster or attached to any standard grease gun.

  • If attached to a grease gun, a universal mount swivels to accommodate left- and right-handed users and can also be adjusted for odd angle lubrication approaches.

  • A mini-spot light helps users see their lube connections in low light situations.

For more details, contact UE Systems. Inc, Elmsford NY.

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