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Mack works to address technician shortage

One of the greatest challenges facing the trucking industry is a dramatic shortage of qualified technicians. Responding to this, Mack Trucks Inc is launching a new program to help dealers find, train, and retain the next generation of skilled technicians.

“Dealers today are facing a double challenge. They're confronted with this severe shortage of qualified help, yet they don't have the time or resources to systematically address it,” said Al Hertzog, director of the North American Institute (NAI), the dealer and customer training operation for Mack. “The Technician Recruitment Program is designed to bridge this gap.”

The centerpiece of the program is a new Technician Recruitment Kit, which offers materials and advice for convincing young people to consider becoming truck technicians. Included are a recruitment guide, brochures, video, and PowerPoint presentations, all aimed at educating potential recruits about the benefits of a career in truck repair and maintenance.

One key audience for the kit materials is high school students. “Many of them believe that a four-year college degree is their only option,” Herzog said. “They have this image of the ‘dirty mechanic.’ We need to make young people understand that with the advent of advanced electronics, computerized diagnostics, and other technologies, the nature of the job has changed dramatically. Working on trucks today provides a great way to make a good living doing something you enjoy.”

The NAI is also adding an Entry Level Technician training course to its list of offered classes, to help dealers develop and retain newly recruited employees. It is offering dealers a similar program to attract and train parts associates.

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