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Mack Trucks offers contract maintenance program

MACK Trucks Inc offers a contract maintenance program for truck owners and those whose lease equipment. Flexibility is a feature of the program that gives them the service they need while allowing dealers to structure a plan that meets the needs of each customer and each application, according to Mack information.

On-highway use, where operating costs can be forecast more easily, a contract maintenance agreement may include all maintenance services necessary to operate the truck.

According to Mack, fewer than 5% of customers who go into a full-service lease or a contract maintenance program ever go back to maintaining their own vehicles.

With a contract maintenance program, budgeting and forecasting are easier because maintenance expenses are paid in equal monthly installments, rather than occurring in peaks and valleys with mechanical failures that could have been avoided by preventive maintenance.

Carriers reduce or eliminate the overhead costs of operating their own shops, and more effective maintenance lowers running costs. They can reduce or eliminate overhead expenses from shop personnel, stock parts, federal regulations, and preventive maintenance tracking and scheduling.

The Mack program is designed to serve customers who want to own their trucks, but also want the benefits of full-service leasing.

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