M700 fender never gets bent out of shape

Spray Control Systems Inc's new Minimizer M700 plastic fender for bulk and tank trailers works for all Class 7 and 8 truck and trailer applications. It is designed for aerodynamic looks, easier access to the fifthwheel pin, and longevity. According to SCSI, the fenders will hold up to major impacts, and even hide scuff marks left behind.

Made of high-density polyethylene material, the M700 is impervious to chemicals, heat, cold, bumps, and dings. It keeps rocks and water spray off loads and the back of truck cabs, and it keeps tiedown straps and bottoms of truck bodies free of slush and mud.

The Minimizer line also has mounting options available from stainless steel to composite plastic fenders. Most styles can be installed in a few hours. For more details, contact Spray Control Systems Inc, Route 3, Box 247C, Blooming Prairie MN 55917.

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