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LTC does extra duty after Katrina's fury

After Hurricane Katrina, Liquid Transport Corp (LTC) employees and management knew they had to do something more to help the victims, having a terminal and associates in the St Rose LA area.

Senior management decided to start the LTC Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund to aid LTC associates affected by the hurricane. “We started the fundraising with $25,000 and told associates that we would match dollar for dollar all donations up to another $10,000,” saids Rex Ecoff, chief executive officer.

The associates rose to the challenge. In the next three weeks, donations poured in: from $5 to $1,000, employees and contractors of LTC opened their wallets.

Now with the fundraising over, the committee has a task before it to distribute the funds. The company has a long list of requests for money, from the more mundane of getting truck windows replaced to the unimaginable: losing a house.

“We have a tough job ahead of us, but we are working hard to get the funds out to people who need them as quickly as possible,” said Lanny Wilhelm, president of LTC.

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