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Lock-in-Load will become integrated service option

Integrated Services Group has announced an exclusive license agreement to integrate the patent-pending Lock-in-Load system to protect hazardous material shipments from unauthorized terrorist-type activity, theft, or tampering.

The company's affiliate, SkyberCorp, will make the Lock-in-Load an integrated option for future GPS tracking and control services in North and South America.

Current “lock box” security for tanker trucks is easily bypassed with a set of bolt cutters. Lock-in-Load prevents this threat through relocating the release mechanism from the unprotected trailer and into the secure driver's cab. Using the existing truck/trailer air supply system, Lock-in-Load provides transporters of all types of cargo with a level of load security.

With the SkyberCorp version in development, the Lock-in-Load will only release its security control of the load at an approved location determined by the GPS tracking system integrated into the tanker or van transport.

In emergencies, the GPS tracking system can also be authorized to shut the tanker transport completely down, immobilizing the rig based on the command-and-control application available to transporters.

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