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LNG fuel tanks provided for vehicle test programs

The NexGen Fueling division of Chart Industries Inc has announced a special program to potential LNG (liquefied natural gas) customers.

NexGen offers a 60-gallon LNG vehicle tank (22" outside diameter × 56" long) to any domestic vehicle OEM, test laboratory, or vehicle conversion company — at a price of $500 — for developing or testing new LNG vehicles, engines, or other equipment using LNG as a fuel source. If the program results in an OEM LNG product being developed, the tank can be returned to NexGen for full credit against the purchase of a new LNG tank for the application.

This program is presently limited to a certain number of tanks offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to approval by NexGen. Phone George Kalet or Tammy Brooks at 770-479-6531.

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