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Lift axle air control kit boosts consistency

Hendrickson is now producing a faster-flowing, more consistent lift axle air control kit, AKAD1001. An independent electric or manual lift axle control approved for Intraax and HT Series liftable suspensions, AKAD1001 delivers an increased flow rate and other product improvements compared with the AK-127-1.

AKAD1001 nearly doubles the airflow factor while improving performance in extreme temperature conditions. The air control was tested from -40° to 180° F.

Producing consistent air supply pressure, the kit features a more accurate and readable liquid-filled gauge and improved corrosion resistance and durability.

The kit comes with a ball valve, pilot valve, solenoid valve, gauge, and regulator fitted in a fiberglass-reinforced enclosure. Pilot ports and potential water traps face down or are placed above exhaust ports to help prevent water from collecting.

Tests prove the ball-valve design and poppet-style solenoid valve superior to spool-type valves for operations in extreme temperatures and poor air quality. The regulator controls the load carried by the lift axle. Hendrickson continues to offer the AK-127-1 for applications that require a stainless steel enclosure.

For more details, contact Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.

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