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Letters to the Editor

One driver can change an industry's image

Dear Editor:

You hit the nail on the head with this article (Chew'n up our image; spitt'n it out-November 2001). Image is necessary in this business.

My wife and I work for the same carrier. She is a terminal leader, and I work in the safety department. This past May, we were in Denver CO doing continuing safety/quality classes with our Denver terminal. While sitting at a red light, we were rammed four times and shoved through the intersection by an impatient owner-operator leased to Ronnie Dowdy, who then left the scene with us in pursuit.

What one driver can do to a company or an industry's image can be devastating. How long will people still be talking about the “Sweet” Dick Simon that almost made it up the steps in Sacramento last year?
Scott Dawson
[email protected]

Vehicle alterations can be taken negatively

Dear Editor:

At Laidlaw Carriers Inc (up here in the great white north), we strongly agree with your position as it relates to add-ons such as fangs, flames, or any modification that may present our company in a bad light. It is our belief that such alterations promote only negative connotations. We do not want our driving force to appear as a bunch of bullies. Recently, when an owner-operator proceeded (without permission) to install teeth on his grill, he was quickly instructed to remove them if he had any hope of trucking for us anymore. We agree that the industry needs to promote itself in a more consistent and positive manner.

Keep up the good work!
Peter Brooks
[email protected]

Image editorial seen as ‘kick in the teeth’

Dear Editor:

I work for a tank company, and I pull a gas tanker. Up until your story came out I had a bug screen with teeth on it on my truck. I had it for three years. I put it on to have fun with, not to scare people. Today I had a lot of my friends and customers ask me why I took my teeth off my truck, and I told them about the story you wrote. All of them told me what you could do with your story and thought it really was uncalled for. Most of the drivers out here like to have a little fun and put things on their trucks that make them different. If people are so scared of what's happening or what could happen, then they need to stay hidden in their house. This is just my opinion; thank you for the chance to voice it.
Frank Houldson
[email protected]

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