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Letter to the editor

DOT, PHMSA don't endorse cargo tank equipment

Dear Editor,

In reference to your Bulk Transporter, June 2012 Safety Issue, on page 3, Global Passive Safety Systems (GPS2) ran a full page ad for “The Only passive device, US-DOT approved and OSHA compliant dual service LPG / NH3 Metal Hose!”…. This ad could create confusion in the LP-gas and anhydrous ammonia markets.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) (and its agency the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) does not endorse or approve any product. The primary function of PHMSA is “To protect people and the environment from the risks inherent in the transportation of hazardous materials by pipeline and other modes of transportation.” Therefore, the GPS2 claim that they offer, “The Only passive device, US-DOT approved dual service LPG / NH3 Hose” is not accurate!

Danny Shelton
HazMat Resources Inc

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