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Laser Tag can reduce errors, tampering

TydenBrammall offers its new Laser Tag serial number transfer system for customer shipments. The patent-pending process reduces tracking errors and tampering in the logistics channel. The Laser Tag serial number transfer system is simple to use and is available on TydenBrammall cable-style transportation seals.

Cargo seals have a unique identification number marked on the seal's lock body. This identification is typically written on the shipment's bill of lading. It lets the consignee verify the seal number against the shipping documents to ensure that no cargo tampering took place during the shipment. Laser Tag technology uses a precision laser that burns the serial number into the seal body and the transfer label at the same time. The specially formulated repositionable adhesive label peels off the seal for application to shipping documents. The label shows up clearly on documents and stands out on photocopies. Identical serial numbers on the seals and shipping documents ensure accuracy and security and eliminate the potential for error.

Contact TydenBrammall, Angola IN, for more details.

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