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Labelmaster expands GHS reference tool

Labelmaster has released an expanded version of its GHS reference tool. The new 16-page GHS Product Guide features a complete line of training materials, labels, pictograms, mini pictograms, custom labels, printer, printer accessories, SDS binders, and software to help users meet the revised OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (HCS).

Information is organized in a user-friendly format. The guide contains pertinent information about compliance requirements, detailed information about labeling requirements, and an implementation timeline.

The new, fully illustrated GHS Product Guide features an expanded product line including:

  • Comprehensive training kits in both English and Spanish

  • Additional Safety Data Sheet (SDS) stations and binders

  • Expanded choices for SDS station and dangerous chemical signage

To receive the 16-page GHS Product Guide, call 800-621-5808, fax 800-723-4327, or e-mail [email protected]. Labelmaster also has regulatory experts on staff to answer questions and provide compliance assistance.

A special section of Labelmaster's website devoted to OSHA's revised Hazard Communications Standard requirements can be found at

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