Kenworth models to sport wide-base radials

Kenworth will offer Bridgestone 445/50R22.5 wide-base Greatec radial tires on its T600, T800, T2000, and W900 on-highway model trucks later in 2003.

Bridgestone developed the Greatec radials as a direct replacement for dual tire assemblies, enabling a single tire to do the work of two. The radial tires can replace both drive and trailer axle duals, according to Bridgestone, and no modifications to the vehicle or axles are required.

Replacing dual tire assemblies with wide-base singles can reduce weight by up to 650 pounds per truck, according to Jim Bechtold, Kenworth's chief engineer. Tire rolling resistance accounts for up to one-third of a truck's fuel consumption. “These new wide-base radials offer a 2% to 5% improvement in fuel economy because the rolling resistance of wide-base singles is significantly less than dual assemblies,” said Bechtold.

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