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Jost Adds Replacement Top Plate for Holland Fifthwheels

Jost International Corp has added a new replacement top plate for Holland fifthwheels. The JSK 37H fifthwheel replacement unit has four moving parts. The cushioned throat ring absorbs kingpin impact, and high-hitch lock guards prevent false coupling. An external grease zerk lubes the jaw and kingpin. The release handle requires just 60 pounds of pull force, and the entire top plate is adjustable to infinite settings.

Produced at Jost's newest manufacturing facility in Greeneville TN, the JSK 37H top plate is engineered to retrofit Holland FW8, FW35, FW2000, and FW3501 models. Each replacement kit comes with top plate, bracket collar, bracket pins, and installation hardware. For more details, contact Jost, 1770 Hayes, Grand Haven MI 49417.

Peterbilt Upgrades Dash In Model 320 Truck Peterbilt has upgraded its Model 320 with a new gauge package incorporating the same technologically advanced instrument system used in its aerodynamic Model 387. The Model 320 is a low-cab-forward used primarily in the refuse industry. Its ergonomically designed dash has easy-to-read gauges and switches and is designed for downward visibility.

At the heart of the truck's new gauge cluster is a 3 3/8-inch speedometer with message center (SMC) that features an integrated digital information display capable of functioning in six different modes. SMC modes include standard odometer, two trip odometers, clock with alarm, hourmeter, and diagnostic messaging. Up to 13 two-inch gauges may be installed in this new configuration. Oil pressure and primary and secondary air pressure gauges are standard.

"The new system continues to use a single five-wire cable to connect all the gauges together," says Dan Sobic, Peterbilt assistant general manager. "This significantly reduces the number of wire connections behind the instrument panel."

The Peterbilt Model 320 is available in a range of cab configurations including left, right, or dual drives, along with right hand standup on dual-drive vehicles.

Civacon Adds Grease Fitting In a move that standardizes its product offering, Civacon has added a grease fitting to the 861 series of openable API bottom-loading adaptors. Features of the 861, such as the rotatable nose piece and stainless steel internal components, remain unchanged. Options, like a sight glass and a choice of handles, are available for both the 897 and 861 series of bottom-loading valves.

For full details, contact Civacon, 4304 Mattox Rd, Kansas City MO 64150.

LTR-T Spring Brake Actuator Series Provided by MGM MGM Brakes' LTR-T Series of spring brake actuators features an external breather tube system that vents air from inside the protected area of the service brake chamber, sealing out any liquid or solid corrosive airborne contaminants. This design can increase the working life of the brake, especially in harsh operating environments.

Heavy-duty diaphragms made of cold-weather natural rubber resist deterioration and can withstand temperatures down to -65 F (-54 C). Made of molded neoprene, the push-rod air seal provides maximum protection against air leaks. A center hole shield prevents entry of contaminants, yet also permits visual inspections of stroke alert status. A new heavy-duty power spring has a flexible epoxy coating. LTR-T non-pressure chambers are epoxy-coated also, and made from 8-gauge embossed steel.

The LTR-T series also has a tamper-resistant design, a built-in manual release bolt, stroke alert indicator, and self-locking mounting nuts. The spring side (or piggyback) of these actuators is backed by a six-year warranty. The service brake side is covered by a three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. For full details, contact MGM, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269-9786.

Dixon Offers New Catalog Dixon Valve & Coupling Co's new 336-page illustrated catalog, DPL101, features a full line of hose coupling products and accessories. Applications cover industrial, chemical, processing, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and repair needs. For more details, contact Dixon, 800 High St, Chestertown MD.

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