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JOBOX underbed boxes resist elements

JOBOX aluminum underbed boxes are designed for weather resistance, strength, and security. A rain gutter surrounds the door opening and directs moisture away from the interior. Long-life, automotive-style bulb weather stripping on the door opening prevents moisture and dust from entering.

These boxes have reinforced, heavy-duty .100-gauge aluminum doors and bodies with welded seams to prevent forced entry and for long-term dependability.

A new stainless steel, commercial-grade, rotating T-handle locks the door at the top and both sides. The handle housing is sealed to prevent moisture from entering. A full-length, heavy-duty aluminum hinge has a full 1/4" pin and 1" knuckles.

JOBOX boxes come in three sizes and 18" to 60" lengths. For more information, contact Delta Consolidated Industries Inc, 2728 Capital Blvd, Raleigh NC 27604.

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