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Jack B Kelley earns fourth CGA safety award

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) presented the Bulk Fleet Safety Award to the men and women of Jack B Kelley Inc (JBK). A leader in the specialty gas transportation industry, JBK has provided services since 1946. The Praxair-sponsored award was presented to JBK board chairman Ken Kelley by Praxair president Jim Fuchs and CGA president Carl Johnson. The award was a highlight of the CGA annual meeting in Tampa FL, which was attended by more than 350 members and association guests.

Fleets are recognized for safety performance by both large and small cylinder and bulk fleets. To qualify for the Large Bulk Fleet category, a fleet must travel a minimum of 20 million miles per year. At more than 35 million miles per year, JBK competes in this category. The award is presented to the fleet with the lowest accident frequency ratio for the year; a fatality in any accident during the year disqualifies the fleet. This marks JBK's fourth CGA safety award, the largest number in CGA history.

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