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J J Keller & Associates guide helps users keep an eye on their backs

J J Keller & Associates Inc offers Back Safety: A User's Guide, a new video-based training program to teach employees how to protect their backs on and off the job.

Using an approach called the whole life/health cycle, the program teaches employees how to keep their backs healthier. It demonstrates proper lifting techniques and other key safety practices on the job and explains how lifestyle choices and ordinary off-the-job activities can impact back health.

Besides the 25-minute informational portion of the program, Back Safety: A User's Guide features a five-minute segment that demonstrates simple stretches and exercises that can help improve back strength and flexibility.

Along with the video, the program includes an instructor's guide that provides background information, training tips and techniques, and log pages to track participation; 11 user's handbooks with removable “Action Card” pages for employee reference; and an awareness poster on whole life/health cycle and proper lifting techniques. Additional copies of these materials are available separately.

Back Safety: A User's Guide is available on DVD for $345 (142-DVD). The program is also provided on VHS (142-K) for $279. To order, phone 800-327-6868; callers should reference Action Code 02066 when ordering.

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