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Issue arises about E-85 placarding

An issue has arisen with some fire and safety officials about placarding E-85 (85% ethanol mixed with 15% gasoline), and how to battle a fire should an incident occur with the product, according to the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA).

PMAA points out in an article in its Weekly Review that under current regulations, E-85 can be transported using the 1203 placard for gasoline, diesel, and heating oil. However, the question has arisen for local emergency responders about what kind of foam to use on the product in the event of a fire. A different type of foam could be needed for the alcohol-based ethanol fire, rather than the type used on gasoline, diesel, or heating oil.

If a separate placard were required for E-85, PMAA said the situation would present new labeling challenges for transports hauling multiple fuels.

“PMAA members will likely have significant concerns about adding a new placard for E-85,” said Laura Stewart, PMAA’s director of regulatory policy. She added that marketer leaders and state association executives will need to discuss the issue at PMAA's upcoming board meeting October 7 in Las Vegas NV.

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